The People’s Elbow

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As if I needed another reason to mention LeBron James, he has given me one. LeBron has an injured elbow. I do not doubt this to be true. LeBron shot a free throw left handed because of his injured elbow. I believe he did that for show.

LeBron James likes attention. Make that, LeBron James loves attention. I know something about this subject. I’m a person who talks into a microphone during the day and stands on a stage in front of a crowd and talks into a microphone at night. I love attention. It makes me happy. It completes me. The same goes for Bron.

I kind of mean all of this as a compliment. The bottom line is that the guy is an entertainer. Sports are a TV show and LeBron’s elbow is going to come up on TV a ton. It will be the most talked about elbow since the Macho Man Randy Savage or The Rock. His elbow will be the new Dwight Freeney’s ankle. And I think he totally gets that.

This is a guy who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 16. This is a guy who has the “Chosen One” tattooed across his shoulders (I’ve seen this first hand. And yes, I was drooling). Most importantly, this is a guy who “gets it.” LeBron James knows how to market LeBron James. There is a reason he has played his free agency a certain way, to maximize the benefits to the brand of LeBron.

You can’t fully grasp or take advantage of this sort of thing if you don’t crave attention. LeBron James does just that and that is one of the reasons why I believe he may actually sign with the Knicks. Where else could he receive more attention? For now, he’ll have to settle for constant SportsCenter updates about the state of his arm. Over the next few days, his elbow, will truly be, “The People’s Elbow.”

Oh, and for the record, my mom is not a prostitute.

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  1. Dan says:

    don’t forget labron has warren buffet as a friend and said publicly he wanted to be the first billionaire athlete for what ever thats worth

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