Seven Series

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The Lakers are too young and fast for the Celtics. Ray Allen won’t shoot like he did in game two again (he hasn’t). Boston stole the home court advantage. L.A. has too much length for them to handle. The Celtics are tougher and too physical. Boston’ll never recover from the whipping they received in game six.

The above paragraph is the reason I love the series format. Rather than there being just one game, you get to see momentum shift, opinions change and storylines evolve. And if things work out perfectly, as they have in these Finals, then it comes down to one game anyway.

The NBA is enjoying a renaissance and tonight will be the haymaker that kicks off the most important Summer in league history. If you’re not excited about tonight’s game, you don’t like basketball. Legacies and history are on the line.

Kobe Bryant could enter the top-five ever discussion and could even replace Magic Johnson as the all-time greatest Laker. Kevin Garnett could usurp Karl Malone’s or Charles Barkley’s spot in the minds of some. Paul Pierce could cement his spot as a memorable postseason performer. Phil Jackson could add yet another ring (he’ll have to decide which toe to put it on) and keep or lose his undefeated record after going up 1-0 in a series. Doc Rivers could go from respected to lauded. Pau Gasol could take his firm place as the best big man in the NBA. Rajon Rondo could get the ball rolling on a potential Hall of Fame career. Kim Kardashian could make an appearance on camera.

All of these things could happen. That is the beauty of a game seven. I love this game. Here are my official predictions…

–Rasheed Wallace will complain about the first foul call against him.

–Kobe Bryant will fix his face into a scowl.

–Kevin Garnett will fix his face into a scowl

–Nate Robinson will react to every made basket like it’s game seven of the Finals.

–Adam Morrison will not play.

–Paul Pierce will fall to the floor in a heap and act like he’s dead.

–Ron Artest will do something befuddling.

–We will see a game that lives up to the hype.

–The Boston Celtics will win their second title in three years.

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  1. Dan says:

    im going with my man skip bayless (he predicted every game in this series so far) the lakers should win this game but the Celtics will probably win this game

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