Champion In June

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The headline above is the title of Ron Artest’s new single, which he shouted out in the most epic post-game interview in history, an interview that reaffirmed his status as the greatest human alive. Anyway, it is appropriate because it’s a status Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers must be getting used to by now.

Forget the fact that he was just 6-24, Bryant is now in such rarified air that it isn’t right to mention such stats (Like I just did; I’m a jerk). Kobe now has one more ring than Tim Duncan and Shaq (which he was quick to mention) and will likely go down as the best player of that era. He now also belongs in the top five-ish players ever discussion. I wouldn’t put him above Magic as the best Laker ever yet but the fact that there’s an argument is testament to his greatness. He’s now just one ‘ship behind Jordan and chasing hard. He might get there, as long as a certain superstar Spaniard (who was arguably their best player in three of the four wins) remains at his side. Kobe Bryant deserves to be mentioned in his own class at the moment. He’s earned it. He’s holding the title.

Another guy who deserves a class for himself is Phil Jackson. If you try to knock his accomplishments, you are simply hating. Hard. The big homie of Zen now has a ring for a toe. He’s proven adept at managing various personalities (notice how he only sells certain players out to the media) and massaging the egos of some of the greatest to ever do it. Two of whom are borderline sociopaths. For my money (that’s like six dollars), he’s the greatest coach in the history of sports.

It was a great Finals for the NBA and the biggest Summer in league history is now upon us. With the Celtics aging (that squad deserves kudos by the way), it has never been more apparent that the Eastern Conference is ripe for the taking. If LeBron can find his Robin, then we might just get the matchup we’ve all been waiting for this time next year.

Won’t that be fun. (And Kobe, I’m sure Shaq will tell you that it tastes good, if not a little bitter.)

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