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lady gaga
*Lady Gaga was her usual weird and annoying self at a Yankees-Mets game over the weekend. She was even kicked out of the locker room. The Fame Monster went in wearing a bikini bottom and a Yankees jersey over an exposed bra while swigging from a whiskey bottle. Some people were annoyed by her choice of clothing. I wasn’t. Not because she was scantily clad but because I hate her regular clothes (which look like terrible modern art covered by curtains). The Lady who is Gaga obviously really enjoys attention. I will grant her wish by reposting an old blog that explains why she frightens me. She is probably the only person who I find to be entertaining, frightening and annoying all at once. (I don’t advocate violence against women but I wouldn’t be against seeing her slapped. Preferably by the ghost of Rick James.)*

Is it odd that I am deathly afraid of Lady Gaga? Because I am. She frightens me. I don’t know whether to dance, become aroused or vomit when I see one of her videos. It is way too confusing.

I can’t quite put my finger on why she makes me feel so uncomfortable. Perhaps it is because she straddles the attractive line. Is she attractive, ugly or just odd looking? I am not sure. I am sure that I cannot look at her for an extended period of time and that my newest nightmare is being involved in a staring contest with her. She has weird bug eyes.

At this point, with “New Moon” having irreparably damaged them, Lady Gaga is much more frightening than vampires. I believe she might actually suck my blood. And what’s even scarier is that I would probably be dancing to “Poker Face” while she does it. That is a catchy tune.

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