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I was watching a show on Animal Planet about people who were mauled and or killed by their big cats. It reminded how much I love giant felines (or cats in general), they rule.

I often hear people say they hate cats. I don’t understand the logic. Cats are like miniature lions and tigers. They move the same way. They have the same mannerisms. They are the apex predators on the planet. Even house cats will deliver their owners a mouse or bird carcass as a sign of affection. Plus, they don’t require constant maintenance and attention like dogs do and some cats are even sweet (having a dog is like having half a kid…I do like dogs by the way).

I wish I had a tiger. I would never own one because that is retarded but the thought is very appealing. Who is better than you if you’re walking down the street with Battlecat on a leash? The answer is no one.

Oh and one more thing…don’t shoot the cats that kill or bite their owners. Perhaps they did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be domesticated. Yes, tigers and lions are just like house cats on a larger scale but this means if they decide to play or scratch or bite, you might die. It comes with the territory.

Chris Rock said it best. The tiger didn’t go crazy, it went tiger. And tigers (and all cats) are awesome.


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