The Riley Factor

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*Update…after I wrote this, Chris Bosh basically dismissed the three star to Miami theory. He also shaved his head. He looks way more New York now. Good news. Plus, his tone seemed to be very positive when discussing the Knicks. I think he’s signing there with or without LeBron (he seems to crave the limelight and recognition) but if he does sign, the chances that LeBron signs too go up exponentially (Bosh also indicated that he’d rather play with LeBron than Wade by referencing upside and longevity). They’d be the Kobe and Gasol of the East and instant title contenders. Can you imagine the smile on David Stern’s face at the prospects of a Kobe-LeBron, Knicks-Lakers Finals? That’d be worth a Mr. Burns-esque “excellent”.*

Chris Rock once famously said, “No man has led more black men to the promised land than Coach Pat Riley.” It appears that he’s attempting to do so again.

I was feeling pretty good about LeBron James coming to New York (I still do to a degree) but you can’t deny that the aura of Riley could be a potential lure for the “Super Best Friends” (2010 free agent class). Especially now that the Heat have cleared another $3 million in cap space following a trade yesterday.

Miami now has nearly enough space to offer two max deals, in addition to possessing Dwayne Wade’s “Bird Rights”, meaning that they can go over the cap to sign Wade. The Miami Heat could conceivably sign D-Wade, LeBron and Chris Bosh. They would have no one else on the roster but that wouldn’t really matter. And you’d have to think that Riley would take himself out of the front office and put himself back on the bench if this were the case.

Miami is a sexy situation. There’s Riley, the beach, the night life and no state taxes. However, there’s also an apathetic fan base and the fact that it is Wade’s town. Ultimately, I don’t see the above scenario going down. I do see Miami loading up though.

In a perfect world, Wade gets his co-star in South Beach and LeBron gets the same in New York. Those two guys go to war every time they play already, it’d only make it sweeter if it reignited the Heat-Knicks rivalry.

They’ll be playing together if Coach Pat Riley has his way.

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