East Coast Bias

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I apologize. I want to write about something else (I did write about cats the other day) but July 1st is too close. I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve decided no one knows what they are talking about. Yes, the Chicago Bulls cleared more cap space. No, they do not currently have enough to offer two full max deals (as has been reported). Yes, they certainly improved their positioning heading into the free agent frenzy. No, they did not guarantee that they sign LeBron James.

There is only one thing I’m sure about after all this shakes out…the Eastern Conference will return to power. And that’s a good thing. I prefer my basketball to be of the grimey East Coast variety rather than the flashy West Coast style. I’m confident that by the end of the Summer, the Eastern Conference will have surpassed the Western Conference as the dominant force in the NBA landscape.

Chicago already has Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose in place. They now have about $30 million more to spend. Pat Riley currently only has two players under contract and can pitch South Beach and possibly teaming up with Dwyane Wade and another guy. New York has two max slots, the best city in the world and a chance to become a legend to try and revitalize a moribund franchise. And New Jersey has cash, a pending move to Brooklyn, a billionaire-playboy owner and of course, Jay-Z to help them get pieces to improve on a league worst record.

Throw in an aging but still competitive Boston team and a still to be reckoned with Dwight Howard led Orlando Magic and the Eastern Conference will return to where it should be, on top. That much I know.

I’ll stop pretending I know how it’ll all shake out though…(I hope it’s Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer to Chicago; Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire and Rudy Gay to Miami; Dirk Nowitzki to Phoenix and Bron and Chris Bosh to New York.)

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3 Responses to “East Coast Bias”

  1. James says:

    Well he’s for sure not going back to Cleveland, I say it’ll be Bron and Bosh to Chicago (it’ll be hard for him to pass that up with an up and coming point guard like rose) Amare will go to Miami, the rest I don’t really care about cause it won’t matter that much. I am interested in where David Lee will go cause he is my one of my favorites. Maybe he’ll come here to Cleveland! hah

  2. Justin C says:

    it’s not going to be chicago

  3. tony says:

    my sources tell me he’s going to whichever team promises him that no one would be doing his mom.

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