Power Summit

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If you are not interested in this whole free agency chase, then we dissimilar interests. I am obsessed with it. The problem is that it’s impossible to decipher what to believe. Everyone seems to be reporting different things. Everyone’s “sources” have different opinions. Apparently some guys will be able to play in two separate places simultaneously. In fact, my sources say that LeBron will sign with Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey and Cleveland, then divide himself by five and dominate the Eastern Conference through his dopplegangers.

The one thing we do know is that LeBron is not going on a tour as was previously reported (he knows what these cities are like). The teams are going to him. They will be doing it on his terms. Doesn’t seem too difficult to see who holds the power in this free agent market does it? We had speculated that the “Super Best Friends” (Bron, Wade, Bosh, Stoudemire, Johnson etc.) would have a summit. Now, the more important summit will take place with just one guy, in Akron (that’s in Ohio by the way).

Fans and reporters can interpret this situation anyway they want but the bottomline is that all the relevant teams will sit in front of LeBron and make their pitch. Heck, Donnie Walsh and the Knicks have been preparing for this moment for more than two years. They better know what they are going to say by now. And even if James is strongly leaning one way, the other competitors will have their chance. They’ll have a shot to sell him on their basketball team and what other advantages their destination offers. He has no choice but to listen.

We are going to hear one-hundred and twenty billion different reports speculating where the “Super Best Friends” will wind up between now and Thursday. I refuse to believe any of them until press conferences or public comments are made, ink hits paper and the King holds court in front of the teams that shedded so much salary for the chance to become his new kingdom.

I’m a witness who isn’t sure what to make of what I’m witnessing.

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  1. James says:

    Stephen A smith reported that LBJ and Bosh are a done deal for Miami….however this is Stephen A smith and his “sources” we’re talking about

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