Super Best Friends

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So, they finally got together. The “Super Best Friends” (LeBron, Wade, Bosh)reportedly (reportedly means nothing nowadays) met in Miami over the weekend. That must mean they are all going to the Heat, right? I wouldn’t go close to that far. Miami is a nice place. LeBron was in New York this past Friday, I don’t think that guarantees he is going to the Knicks or Nets either. Perhaps, they were all, you know, just talking. (By the way, a new report says Wade was in Chicago and LeBron in New York over the weekend. See what I just said about reports.)

These guys have such a unique opportunity. They can literally shape the landscape of the NBA. And I think they’re aware of it. I keep going back to some recent comments from LeBron. I can’t get past them…

“It will be fun to get all the free agents together and figure out a way how we can make the league better.” In 2009, he said, “I think the league is doing just fine. But with the Knicks being good, the Celtics being good, the Lakers being good, it makes the league that much better. I’m talking as a fan now, please understand that.” Notice that he says “make the league better” in both instances.

These guys understand the magnitude of the situation. They know that they can revitalize franchises. They can go in pairs and create brand new rivalries. They can take the high the NBA is riding and turn it up to 11.

Yes, they are “Super Best Friends.” But they might look better facing off as “Super Best Frenemies.” (I hate that word but it was a fun sentence to write.)

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2 Responses to “Super Best Friends”

  1. David says:

    I agree with you they really cannot play together, if Lebron were to go to Miami to play with Wade he would get killed, it would be like James has to go to Miami to get a title with D. Wade, meanwhile Wade has already won one title on his own, it would be petty-not to mention the fact that he is going to get killed for leaving cleveland on top of it. Like I have been saying its between Cleveland and NY, I don’t think he goes anywhere else.

  2. Dan says:

    my sources say labron james will go to the WNBA and hes taking the rest of the super best friends with him

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