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Due to some sort of creative differences with Marvel, Edward Norton will not reprise his role as Bruce Banner in the Avengers. I say so what? Frankly, I hope the Bruce Banner character isn’t in the movie at all. And I especially hope that Betty Banner isn’t in it (no forced love interests in this movie please). I’m good with just the Hulk.

Batman is interesting because of Bruce Wayne’s tortured past. Spiderman is interesting because of Peter Parker’s regular guy struggles and vulnerability. Iron Man is interesting because Tony Stark is awesome. The Hulk is not interesting because of Bruce Banner. The Hulk is interesting because of the Hulk. That’s what people want to see. In fact, I’ve found the comic book Hulk at its best in one of his incarnations where he is permanently transformed but possesses Banner-like intelligence.

I would hope that the writer(s) of Avengers realizes this. To me, the only logical way to handle the Hulk character in this movie is to have him be a threat to the Avengers at some point. I don’t care if it is because of mind control or just misplaced rage but there better be a giant scene where they have to take him on. We better see Hulk vs. Thor and Hulk vs. Iron Man; or more simply put Hulk vs. the rest of the cast.

If there isn’t a scene like that, I’ll be mad. Hulk kind of mad. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry kind of mad. I might even smash.

(I had a meeting with Marvel’s editor-in-chief Joe Quesada amongst others a while ago and I fully trust that they understand this and truly care about how these characters and movies come across. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait until Avengers comes out?)

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  1. Lundberg's brother says:

    Yes, you have mentioned it, about 7000 times, to me at least. The world consists of more than Lebron James and The Avengers movie. I hope one day you to will realize this. If not I may have to put you down. It would be for your own good.

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