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I’m not the type to go on and on about someone after they die as if I knew them. I’m also not the type who feels the need to proclaim someone the greatest human being ever simply because they are now deceased.

As a result, I’m not going to spend this space praising and lionizing George Steinbrenner. Dude seemed like a royal pain in the ass. Dude also seemed like a major micromanager and I can’t stand micromanagers. But in spite of that, dude will go down as the greatest owner ever (I enjoy the fact that I just referred to George Steinbrenner as dude three times).

George Steinbrenner ditched Cleveland for New York before that was the obvious decision, buying the Yankees for less than $10 million. And after a lengthy period of learning on the job and making fans feel like they were in for a prolonged period of failure, he got it and turned the New York Yankees into the biggest brand in the history of American sports.

Yes, he was demanding and probably drove some employees insane. However, he always spent more than the necessary money and the same demanding nature that was likely infuriating also forged a personality that did not accept failure. Dude was going to win, no matter what. And isn’t that the most important trait an owner can have? (The answer to that rhetorical question is yes.)

He transcended the sport by entering into the realm of pop culture but it’s what he accomplished within the sport that will be his ultimate legacy. If you’re a Yankees fan, your quality of life is greater than that of a fan of another team simply because you expect to win all the time. No matter where you are, if you walk down the street, you are almost guaranteed to spot someone sporting a Yankee cap. And that is what George Steinbrenner leaves behind…the New York Yankees. Not a bad way to go out.

George Steinbrenner, not Bruce Springsteen, is the real Boss. Word to Tony Danza and Rick Ross.

(I was going to make a “Didn’t George Steinbrenner die five years ago?” joke at some point but I thought that would be in poor taste so I put it in parentheses here instead.)

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