The Decision

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LeBron James had a one hour TV special. Brett Favre probably has enough footage for a documentary (spanning like six years). And guess what? I have no problem with it. In fact, I’m all for it.

I used to get irritated with the good ol’ gunslinger’s attention seeking antics but then I realized that people (including myself) care. Now it seems like a right of passage for the offseason. When I see Brett Favre smirk like only a true American hero can and hear the media begin to fawn over and speculate about him, I realize that football season is right around the corner.

I think many tend to forget that sports are a part of the entertainment business. They hold athletes to a different standard than they do actors or other entertainers. But the truth is that athletes are nothing more than reality TV stars. And the bottom line is that if you are watching or talking about them, then they’ve done their job.

In television, Summer is the slowest season. The same generally holds true for sports. Luckily, this year, LeBron James’ decision kept me entertained long enough to see Brett Favre make his own decision (again). I predict that Brett takes his talents, puts them in a pair of Wranglers, brings them back to Minneapolis and proceeds to sling the ball around like a little boy playing ball in the back yard while having more fun than it is possible for any person to have.

(Attention Media: Stop talking about Brett Favre’s ankle…You don’t need no darn ankle to gunsling!)

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10 Responses to “The Decision”

  1. Dan says:

    hey labron never told the media to have a one hour special dedicated to him, he just said hes going to announce his decision on a certain date. farve nor labron told espn to talk about them 24 / 7 thats what people dont realize, if the media didnt care they wouldnt endlessly repeat themselves about the same person

  2. eric says:

    i dont consider myself a “traditional” or “old school” sports fan by any means but espn and most sports media sucks now. you say athletes are now reality tv stars but thats only cuz its forced down our throats to be that way (although i do understand that its all about ratings, so if thats what theyre playing, then thats obviously what people are watching). when we were kids though, and would wake up to watch sportscenter every morning it was so much more about watching highlights, and actually watching sports . it is true that sports are becoming reality tv and it sucks. espn is pretty much becoming the mtv of sports. less and less actual sports and more and more reality tv.

    as for the “decisions” first i gotta call you out. you used to KILL favre for these antics but now that your boy lebron did it, it looks like youre all of a sudden not against it. but that decision was bs, and it sucked. why couldnt lebron just announce it with bosh and wade? why did they announce it together and lebron made sure he waited 2 days to make his announcement primetime by himself, like hes bigger and better then these guys (last time i checked this is wades team and hes the one who owns the ring) why did lebron have to string along the media and all the potential teams ?

    i dont even know where im going with this, so in closing….lebron and favre are annoying jerks. That major sports channel sucks now (baseball tonight, and nba fastbreak still rock though), and athletes these days are way too pampered and too hollywood. just know your role and shut your mouth and do what you were blessed with the abilities to do and thats play sports

  3. lundberg says:

    ^^^You’re right about killing Favre…that’s why I mentioned it. But at some point I came to realize the sports world is a better place with him in it.

    And I agree that highlights are sacrificed (I have to watch them online) for nonsense but there are certain guys who are bigger than their individual sport.

  4. eric says:

    theres always been guys bigger then the sport. but they did it based on skill. and theres still plenty out there (pujols, bryant, crosby, even add strasburg to the list).

    these other guys arent bigger then the sport theyre self important, publicity stunt, idiots (ocho cinco, owens, canseco)

    and ya know what add lebron to that latter list now. i mean cmon the self appointed “king” with his theatrical seperate from the rest of the team entrance using props. with his prime time specials to announce where hes going. thats not the right ego to bring to the table in a team sport.

    and im not hating on guys who are making money making commercials and stuff like that. you see jeter and the mannings everywhere but thats not cuz of there mouths and their antics, its cuz of what they accomplish on the field and the class they handle it with

  5. lundberg says:

    But the thing about LeBron is that he plays unselfishly…and whatever you think of his decision, his on court accomplishments are second to none for a player his age.

  6. Justin C says:

    moreee podcasts!!

  7. Dan says:

    btw i think farve is tempting fate coming back this season….i think hes going to get injured, a really bad injury but i said that it would happen last season

  8. Rudy says:

    Not to attack you too much because I like reading your blog but you are starting to write about Lebron James like Peter King writes about Brett Farve, although your not yet at the level of Rick Reilly writing about Tiger Woods.

  9. lundberg says:

    Not Peter King Favre-ian levels?!?!?!?

    LeBron James is an idiot and won’t amount to anything.

    How about now?

  10. Rudy says:

    Calm Down I do think Lebron is a great basketball player, I and others just think you defend him a bit much thats all and I will keep reading this blog as it is awesome.

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