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Say what you will about Christopher Nolan (I sometimes find his movies to be a bit too dark and brooding), you cannot question the man’s command of a script. The highest praise I can give him with “Inception” is that he managed to pull off a truly rare feat…creating a psychological-action thriller about entering and manipulating dreams that actually makes sense.

Generally, films that attempt to explore such topics have plot holes galore. You know, the kind of movies that have you saying “Wait, how come he can shoot tigers out of his fingertips in one scene but couldn’t do it when he was attacked by the mutated penguins?” or something along those lines. That is not the case in here. Everything that takes place is believable within the parameters of the world Nolan created. Anytime you are dealing with dreams, things tend to get complicated but at no point is the film difficult to follow. It manages to be entertaining and layered without bordering on dense.

The detailed script is only as good as its execution and the cast involved here runs the play as called and gains an extra couple yards (Are males capable of making non-sports analogies?). Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor and he nails his role per usual, though his character’s brooding nature is a little bit too similar to his last one in “Shutter Island”. The rest of the cast shines as well. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perfect as DiCaprio’s uptight partner, Tom Hardy chews up his scenes, Cillian Murphy brings the right mix of confidence and uncertainty to his part as the receiver of the inception and Ellen Page oozes exuberance as the upstart dream architect girl (that will make sense after you see the movie).

I may not quite be as over the top with praise as some have been (I’ve heard several people call this the best film they’ve ever seen) but I was certainly a satisfied customer (really liked, didn’t LOVE). And judging by the loud gasp let out by the crowd as the closing credits hit, so were most audience members. One thing is for sure, Nolan and the actors involved successfully created a new chapter in sci-fi lore; the stuff dreams are made of (cue cymbal crash).

In the end, “Inception” is more “Matrix” than “Memento” and there is nothing at all wrong with that. (Leonardo DiCaprio is just a tad bit better than Keanu Reeves.)

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