Luxury Suites

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Mel Brooks famously coined the phrase “It’s good to be the king”. You know what else it’s good to be? A Yankees fan. They enjoy a higher quality of life than any other fan base.

I’ve attempted to avoid fandom for most of my life (sure, I have some rooting interests). It makes people crazy. They live and die with their teams. If they happen to be Yankees fans, their lives are literally better. The most negative memory a Yankee fan under 25 has is missing the playoffs…once!

I bring this up because Andy Pettitte got hurt and some are making it out to be a big deal. It is not. The Yankees still have four quality starters without Pettitte. They will be fine until he gets back. They’ve got an embarrassment of riches. People are hating the Miami Heat for being the new super team but most of the country has hated the Yankees for being a super team for most of their existence.

It is for this reason that the Yankees are the engine that drives baseball. Much like interest in golf wanes when Tiger Woods is not involved (because golf is boring), interest in baseball does the same when the Yankees are eliminated. Luckily for MLB, that generally only happens in the postseason, if at all.

I’m not a huge baseball guy. I don’t find it a compelling watch (see what I said about golf). Plus, I never grew up with a rooting interest. But when I moved to New York six years ago, I decided I should pick one of the local teams to quasi-root for. Guess what? I didn’t pick the Mets.

I like enjoying life.

–Being a Yankees fan is like being born a Trump or a Kardashian

–Being a Yankees fan is like being Chris Bosh right now

–Being a Yankees fan is like joining the cast of “Baywatch”

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2 Responses to “Luxury Suites”

  1. TT says:

    “I’ve attempted to avoid fandom for most of my life” – reading your Lebron, Jay-Z, and superhero posts, I guess it has been a largely failed attempt. This entire site is a fan site–which is what makes it interesting. You just gravitate towards individuals and personalities instead of teams.

  2. Lundberg says:

    Your assessment could not be more correct sir.

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