Bush League

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Attention Media: College sports are corrupt. Stop pretending they are wholesome and clean. I know that you, like others, enjoy romanticizing about college athletics as if they are sport in its purest form and proclaim that professional leagues and money ruin the games. However, the opposite is true. Pro sports are much more on the up-and-up and legitimate than their college counterparts.

It is hilarious to me how the NCAA hands out these silly sanctions and does things like take away championships and awards. Do they really think people care? Is the general public going to take away a championship too or are they just going to remember who won? I’d say the latter.

Another thing these cockamamy punishments fail to accomplish is masking the fact that the NCAA is culpable in this corrupt mess. They, as well as the individual universities, benefit from the big programs, the star athletes and of course the money that college sports generate. They want to point fingers when it is convenient and have every one look the other way when it comes to their own involvement. It seems to me that they are just like anyone else involved in illicit activity; they’re cool with it until someone gets caught.

It reminds me of Major League Baseball during the steroid scandal. They had to have known something was going on but it was alright because people were watching. Then, as soon as the lid blew off, they pointed at Barry Bonds and said “It’s his fault! Blame him!”

Should college kids not get involved with all of this behind the scenes nonsense? Sure. That would be admirable. But can I blame them for partaking? Of course not. How many people, especially young guys (many who come from poor backgrounds), are going to turn down gifts, cars and cash, particularly when they know that the college is caking off of them? Yes, there is value in a free education and a chance to enhance one’s profile but let’s not pretend that is what college sports are actually about. They’re big business.

The only people I actually feel sorry for are the honest ones. Because it appears if you don’t cheat, you don’t win and there is something wrong with that. But that’s a problem with the entire institution, not just the players and agents.

(I also feel sorry for Reggie Bush. He’s lost two trophies this year: the Heisman and the Kardashian)

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  1. Dan says:

    sports are a dirty business, people are afraid to admit that which is especially true in baseball. its competition which insanely large sums of money involved people cheat GASP OMGGG

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