Arrogant Colt

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I won’t spend much Rexing time or energy on this because it’s not a big deal and Tony Dungy’s response was prompted by a question. But to me, the height of arrogance is when one believes that their opinions and philosophies should be held by everyone else. It makes it even worse when it is being said under the guise of humility.

Dungy took issue with Rex Ryan dropping Rex-bombs all over HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, even going as far as saying he wouldn’t hire someone like Ryan. He can have that opinion, that’s fine. (Even though it seems odd because I have a better chance of sprouting antlers than I would of walking into a pro sports locker room and not hearing that sort of language. Probably much worse judging by the company I keep. Plus, let’s not forget Dungy’s the one who vouched for Michael Vick. Am I supposed to believe that pit bull fighting rings are run by people spouting elegant, flowery language in British accents?)

What I don’t like is Dungy implying that those who don’t subscribe to his philosophies are in the wrong. To me, that is totally arrogant. If something doesn’t affect you directly than you shouldn’t worry about it. *Political Warning*…It’s like people who have a problem with gay marriage. It takes an extraordinary amount of gall to believe that other people should have to follow your ideas for what marriage is and sacrifice their happiness as a result…*Political Warning Over*

Tony Dungy was asked a question and he answered it. That’s ok. But he also clearly showed that he thinks his way is the right and just way. And for that, he can go Rex himself.

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