Strong Lies

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I’ll give Roger Clemens this, he’s persistent. He subscribes to the once you lie, you lie all the way philosophy. Because in case you haven’t heard, he has never taken steroids or HGH and has never lied to Congress.

I actually feel bad the for the guy. No one believes him (that’s because he’s lying) and now everyone seems to be out for his head. What I see is the sad case of a man who views this whole thing as a competition. That’s how he functions. His hubris will not allow him to lose even if it could mean jail time. I pity him because it shouldn’t have come to this.

Did he perjure himself? Sure. Does he deserve to go to jail? Of course not. I believe in gray areas in life. By the letter of the law he should be locked up. But he is not a man who belongs in prison. We’ve all broken laws and besides, there are certain laws I agree with and others that I find ridiculous. So what if he volunteered this upon himself? Congress should have told him to bug off and take his story to Larry King or something.

It is because of these same gray areas that he does belong in the Hall of Fame. Dude won seven Cy Youngs. I don’t care if he was on the juice his entire career, he was going up against hitters on the juice. We have to use our brains here. Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were creations of PEDs, Clemens and Barry Bonds were enhanced by them.

Are these writers really going to keep everyone who cheated out? How do you then decide who has plausible deniability? And were these same writers really that oblivious to what was going on when guys were hitting 212 homers a season (which was good for the sport by the way)? They needed something to come out before they could climb atop their high horse and become properly outraged and saddened? Dumb.

As it is, if Roger Clemens is going to go down, he’ll make sure he goes down all the way. I’m beginning to think his lies are on PEDs. Strong lies.

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  1. Dan says:

    he misremembered

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