King of the Sea

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Piranhas may now be viewable in 3D. Sharks may occupy an entire week that doubles as the Discovery Channel’s most successful programming. But neither of these sharp-toothed fish is the true king of the sea. That title belongs to Shamu. Let’s try that again. That title belongs to the killer whale.

Great white sharks, considered the apex shark predator and the model for “Jaws”, are quite dangerous. They are death machines. All they can do is swim and bite. However, they’ve got nothing on a giant, murderous whale. Great whites weigh in at about 2.5 tons. An orca tips the scales near six tons, over twice the size. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s video evidence of a shark meeting its demise at the mouth of a Sea World star.

If their prowess in a one-on-one encounter is not enough to convince you, then how do you feel about the fact that killer whales roll deep? Their social groups are only comparable to those of humans, primates and elephants. And on top of that, they’re smart. They both practice and teach learned behaviors. Just check out what they do to this poor seal.

The killer whale is the undisputed king of the sea. Its got killer right in the name. It’s not called a cuddly loves doing tricks whale.

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