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Let me start by saying I feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. Yes, she’s engaged in mess-like behavior. However, she’s only 24 and she’s had plenty of resources at her disposal which could help one facilitate bad (or fun) activities. On top of that, she’s had the paparazzi following her every move and attempting to portray them all in a negative light. I bet many of us would’ve been caught doing some pretty stupid stuff in a similar situation. (I didn’t even mention the train wreck that she calls parents.)

With that said, everyone can’t be wrong. She hasn’t exactly made friends (or good movies). And it will take more than rehab to revive her career. But I think I’ve got the perfect person for the job…Quentin Tarantino. He’s got a penchant for bringing people back from obscurity or tossing actors in unexpected roles. A Tarantino vehicle would be the ideal platform for Ms. Lohan to make a successful return, both from a quality and commercial standpoint. And I bet that lunatic would relish the challenge of tossing her back into the public consciousness as a thespian (and not a quasi-lesbian).

(Lindsay could be a girl on the run who is picked up and helped by Emilio Estevez or Val Kilmer or something. They then could be chased by a maniacal villain played by Eddie Murphy. That sounds about right.)

The thing is, she’s not a bad actress. And you know how the public loves building people up, tearing them apart and then building them back up again. (Get ready for Tiger Woods to experience the build back up.) Calling Tarantino would be a much better decision than marrying Macaulay Culkin or Samantha Ronson or whoever that was she married (I’m not sure if she really got married but I think I might’ve read that. Also, I’ve officially used too many parentheses in this blog).

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  1. Gary Bloom says:

    I like it. I have often thought of things like this… trying to re-invent a fallen starlet (for a while, I wanted to adopt Brit Spears and work with her on blues rock song writing, re-introducing her to the world in a Janice Joplin styled career).

    Quentin is perfect for this. Maybe, instead of the girl on the run, she could be a police academy wash-out who gives it another try, aided by the kind-hearted Bill Bixby, as her instructor, Danny Pintaro, tries to ruin her (because she found out that he’s gay). Judith Light should also be involved somehow, simply because she plays an awesome judge on SVU.

  2. lundberg's mom says:

    sorry to break it to you, Gary, but Bill Bixby died quite a few years ago. tv’s Bruce Banner is dead. CBS changed his name to David Bruce Banner so he wouldn’t sound “gay”. Lou Ferrigno,
    Hulk, is still alive and well. Mr. Bixby was a great guy who died of cancer in the 1990’s while directing Blossom. and i am so old i remember him from the Courtship of Eddie Father in the 1970’s. i know tmi. sorry. oh and one more thing – what is the male equivalent word to starlet as i have never heard it or seen it in print.

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