Irregular Season

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Stop it! Please! The games don’t count! Stop overreacting!

The main thing about the preseason is that teams don’t really gameplan. And we all know how important gameplanning is in football. How many times are stories relayed about how coaches have clocked 18 hour days getting ready for a particular opponent? Well, they don’t do that in the preseason.

Here’s what you can take out of a preaseason game…you can look at a player (mostly skill position guys) and say ‘wow, he looks fast.’ Or, ‘he’s running really sharp routes.’ That is about it. Anything else is foolish.

Here is proof. The Indianapolis Colts are 4-20 in the preseason since 2005. In the not preseason (or regular season as some like to call it), they are 65-15 over that same span. Meanwhile, in 2008, the Detroit Lions went undefeated in the preseason. They were exhibition juggernauts. In the regular season, they went defeated. As in 0-16. That means they lost all of their games.

So should Jets fans be concerned about Mark Sanchez and should Giants fans be concerned about their defense? Sure. But they should be concerned because Sanchez threw 20 picks last year while only completing 54% of his passes and because the Saints offense is still scoring on the Giants from a week six game last season. Not because of anything that has happened this preseason.

(The games don’t count.)

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  1. Dan says:

    first of all my pre season pick to go to the super bowl are the colts (pretty much by default in my opinion), cause picking against colts is like picking against the yankees in baseball second of all there is one thing you can take out of the preseason which is that when a player is trying to prove themselve and make the team you can probably evaluate that

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