Piranha 3D

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Being devoured bit by bit by a school of prehistoric piranhas would suck. I suppose the opposite of that experience would be a lot of fun. “Piranha 3D” isn’t quite the polar opposite of getting eaten alive via millions of razor sharp teeth but it certainly is a lot of fun.

The best thing about “Piranha 3D” is that it knows exactly what it is. It runs toward and not away from B movie status. This is accomplished through hilariously purposeful overacting, utterly ridiculous dialogue and absurdly gratuitous nudity and violence. Some standout moments include a wonderfully terrible proclamation from Christopher Lloyd, a beautiful nude ballet, Jerry O’Connell’s use of the words ‘wet t-shirt’, over the top convulsions from mutilated teenagers and an epically bloody lake massacre scene.

There are only five characters the writers want you to sort of care about and you do find yourself rooting for them. Everyone else is simply fodder. And the fodder is used. (I really enjoyed the use of said fodder.)

I keep reading that “Pirahna 3D” is a good, bad movie. I don’t think such a thing exists. If a film leaves you thoroughly entertained for its duration and has you exit the theater smiling and laughing, then it was a good movie. “Pirahna 3D” is a good movie. In fact, it’s borderline great.

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