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I’ve certainly been accused of being a Michael Vick defender. I’m not sure I can be accused of being wrong. Dude is balling out of control.

I’m not going to spend too much time getting into the whole ultimate comeback story tale. The best word I can use to describe his past actions is cruel. However, he went to jail, lost all his money and has seemingly made a concerted effort to admit his wrongs and change for the better. Isn’t a comeback about falling to the depths and climbing back out? And isn’t his type of story the exact purpose of a correctional facility? The public couldn’t have been more against him and he seems to have won everyone back, aside from those who will never forgive him (which I understand). (I’ll also avoid getting into the fact that his backup, Kevin Kolb, frequently sends Vick text pictures of animals he has killed while hunting.)

Now on to what I want to write about. Michael Vick is currently the best player in the NFL. It’s not really fair to legends like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to say Vick is better than them, but in this very moment, it is impossible to argue that anyone is playing better. His season appears to be a perfect storm. A more mature guy combined with more weapons than he’s ever had before and a proven winner as his head coach.

In the early 2000’s, Michael Vick was unfair to play with in Madden. He’s playing like that in real life now. He’s impossible to catch, throwing laser beams and is virtually unstoppable. I don’t like to throw this word out there but his performance has been Jordan-esque.

This may not last the entire season. He could come back down to Earth. I don’t see it happening. At this point I find it tough to pick against Michael Vick and the Eagles.

This comeback story could culminate in a Super Bowl.

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