NFL–Week Eleven Picks

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Let’s keep it going baby *rubs hands together*! (8-6 last week; 69-64-5 on the season)…

Miami (-1.5) over Chicago: Tyler Thigpen or not, I believe the Dolphins are the better team. *I was wrong…the Bears defense is good. 0-1*

Arizona (+8.5) over Kansas City: The Chiefs have lost me a little in recent weeks. That’s too many points to give any team going against a squad the Broncos dropped fifty on.

Baltimore (-10.5) over Carolina: Again, a bunch of points. This time I’ll give them. The Panthers are coming off back to back demolitions (with a ten point loss to the Rams before that), have no quarterback, no running game, no defense, nothing.

Buffalo (+6) over Cincinnati: No one should have to watch this. Bengals by a field goal.

Jacksonville (-1.5) over Cleveland: No one should have to watch this either. The Jags offense is slightly better and they’re at home.

Dallas (-6.5) over Detroit: No one should have to watch this either. The Cowboys will win two in a row. This won’t mean Jason Garrett is the greatest coach ever.

Minnesota (+3) over Green Bay: Don’t ask me why I’m picking the Vikings. I guess it’s because something feels funny about them being home dogs.

Houston (+7) over New York Jets: I haven’t been impressed with the Jets for weeks. I’ve never been impressed with the Texans. Darrelle Revis should neutralize Andre Johnson. Maybe this is the game the Jets get back to dominance. I’ve gotta see it first (I do like them to win).

Oakland (+7.5) over Pittsburgh: The Raiders have played well enough for me to expect this to be reasonably close. I am scared of the Steelers D vs. Jason Campbell matchup though.

Washington (+7) over Tennessee: I guess I like the points this week. The Redskins were embarrassed. For their sake, I hope they don’t lay down. The Titans don’t win games in an overwhelming fashion.

Atlanta (-3) over St. Louis: Um, why is this number so low? Perhaps I’m being tricked.

New Orleans (-12) over Seattle: I hate the NFC West.

Tampa Bay (+3.5) over San Francisco: I don’t want to repeat myself.

New England (-4) over Indianapolis: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick used to own Peyton Manning. He’s punched back in recent years. Their ownership will be restored.

Philadelphia (-3) over New York Giants: This is as even as a game as there could be. The spread says so (even on a neutral field). I can’t pick against Michael Vick until I see him lose a game.

Denver (+10) over San Diego: I don’t know why.

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