Forever Young? (and other thoughts)

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It’s fair to call me a Vince Young defender/apologist. Yet, I have no explanation for the latest chapter of his rocky tenure as a Titan. Something we don’t know about took place between Young and head coach Jeff Fisher and it wasn’t their reported locker room altercation yesterday. This dates back to that weird night where Young went AWOL or perhaps even prior to that (it’s been said Fisher wasn’t in favor of drafting him).

Perhaps Young is abnormally emotionally insecure and immature (likely). Still, the way Fisher has handled him has been maddeningly odd. Last year Fisher inexplicably stayed with Kerry Collins until his team was 0-6 and the owner forced him to make a change. Last week he didn’t start Young even though it appeared he was healthy enough to play. And yesterday he stayed with something called a Rusty Smith rather than putting an injured Young back in the game.

This can’t be a result of the on the field evidence. Vince was 12-16 against the Redskins before injuring his thumb. He’s thrown 10 touchdowns on the season to just three interceptions. And he’s won 2/3 of his forty-plus NFL starts. He clearly gives the Titans their best chance to win.

Jeff Fisher has built up enough equity to receive the benefit of the doubt and Young hasn’t exactly proven to be stable. However, we know coaches tend to be stubborn to a fault. Something’s not right in Tennessee and it’s going to end with one or the other no longer there. (Titans owner Bud Adams has already come out and said they must get along.)

And now, other thoughts…

–Mark Sanchez may have been a question mark heading into the season. Now it appears he is turning into an exclamation point. The Jets problems (if 8-2 teams really have problems) have nothing to do with their quarterback. This incredible run of thrilling wins has come against opponents with a combined 15-34 record and the team’s lack of a pass rush and a running game has been disturbing. Will a newly excellent quarterback make up for those issues against better competition?

–The Giants are a good team (I think). Their self destructive tendencies could keep that from being true and keep them out of the playoffs. With that said, they might have lost to the best team in the NFL Sunday night. The Eagles are undefeated in games Michael Vick has started and finished and four of those five wins have come against teams .500 or better (that doesn’t include a win over Atlanta with Kevin Kolb at quarterback).

–How bad does Brett Favre have to be before he is replaced? I guess we are going to find out.

–Richard Seymour did what many of us wish we could do.

Blake Griffin hates gravity. And Amar’e Stoudemire, who had some throwdowns of his own for the mildly streaking Knicks, approves.

–Sergio Martinez delivered the perfect punch Saturday night.

–I never want to see the McRib commercial (or a McRib for that matter) again.

–Six ounces of Haitian tap water, four ounces of Snooki urine, a pinch of Tom Brady’s hair and a teaspoon of Wacka Flocka Flame=Four Loko ingredients.

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  1. Don says:

    ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky now reporting that Vince Young pulled an Ahmad ….. stipped down to his jock after the game, climbed a tree outside of LP Field, and had to be talked down by Fisher doing his best Buttermaker.

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