Kanye West–My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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*In case you missed it since the album is officially out.*

Some people set very high standards. Standards so high they can only be compared to themselves. In the music business, this means one can release an album that is considered a dud but if another artist released the same album, it would be considered their best work. Kanye West belongs in that category. That’s about the only category he belongs in.

Dude is on a whole different playing field when it comes to production and vision and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is perhaps the greatest example of this yet. Following the disappointingly self indulgent “808’s and Heartbreaks” (one of those albums I referred to in the first paragraph), Ye had his little Taylor Swift mixup and disappeared. Since then, he was a driving force behind Jay-Z’s resurgent “Blueprint 3” and worked on this, perhaps his masterpiece.

We live in an age where attention spans are on a precipitous decline. Kanye challenges that convention with conviction. He dares the listener to delve into his work. An album in the truest sense of the word, ‘Fantasy’ is sprawling, cohesive and most of all entertaining. There is not a skippable track amongst the bunch.

It starts on the right foot with a female asking ‘Can it get much higher?’ (the answer is no if this album is the standard) on the ridiculously ill “Dark Fantasy”. This is followed by “Gorgeous”, which is the best display of just how far Kanye has come as a rapper. Some of the songs may be familiar (particularly, “Power”, “Monster”, “Runaway” and “So Appalled”) but that doesn’t make them any less dope (all are amongst my favorite tracks of the year). And the previously unheard material adheres to the same standard.

The added instrumentation and surprisingly focused verse from Rick Ross raises “Devil in a New Dress” up a notch and the feature laden “All of the Lights” is about to be the theme song for your next night out. “Hell of a Life” features Ye at his most arrogantly and awesomely brash and “Blame Game” manages to be beautiful, heartfelt and hilarious all at once (my friend told me that’s the gayest thing I’ve ever said). This isn’t a collection of songs, it’s an experience. And the best part is, it remains a rap album; psychedelic guitars, blaring horns, tribal drums and all; at it’s core, it keeps it hip hop.

Kanye’s personality (which is oftentimes hilarious to witness) cannot take away from the reality: he is the most daring pop artist currently going. If you don’t listen to this record at least once, you’re crazy.

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  1. drew says:

    Amen, Robin – Kanye actually tweeted my co-developer (ifuxkswiththat.com), Jacques Morel’s review that he wrote for allhiphop.com:

    Thu Nov 11 2010 20:37:08 (Eastern Standard Time) via web

    Dope stuff. Can’t wait to collab on our sites.

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