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I am using the word leftover as a corny tie-in to my thoughts from the long weekend…

–I think Eli may have surpassed Peyton as the Manning more likely to be seen in postseason games from here on out.

–The Bears defense is fairly ferocious. Julius Peppers shows what kind of a difference a dominant pass rusher can make (peep the Panthers record). Expect Michael Vick and the Eagles to get back on track with an obliteration of the Texans Thursday.

–I get that people like Andre Johnson. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be suspended for throwing punches. Though, like most athlete fights, those hardly qualify as punches.

–I’m tired of football coaches and announcers comparing positional battles and big games to boxing. It’s not like football isn’t a physical sport. You don’t have to say, ‘This is like a heavyweight weight.’ No, it’s not. It’s like a football game.

–Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson blamed God (on twitter) for him dropping a wide open touchdown. I applaud him. If God is credited for game winning touchdown catches, should he not also be blamed for horrific drops?

–Are you ready for some hype? The Jets-Patriots SUPER DUPER PRE GAME BONANZA BEGINS NOW!

–*LeBron mental note: Wow. I can’t believe we suck this bad*
Something needs to give with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. The Miami Heat offense is gross when the two of them are on the floor together. Wade has strung together some of the worst performances of his career and LeBron, despite solid production, does not look like the same player. The people who thought they were too ball dominant to play together are smiling right now. Meanwhile, the people who saw them excel in the Olympics and thought they would make the necessary adjustments to replicate that in the NBA (me) are befuddled. I still believe they’ll get it together. If they don’t, the first change will be at coach and then an unthinkable topic may eventually be broached…trading one of the two of them.

–Moving to a guy who doesn’t need the ball; Knicks rookie Landry Fields. He is the definition of solid and is the third best rookie in the league behind Blake Griffin (the soul taker) and John Wall. He’s got good size (6’7), surprising athleticism (40 inch vertical) and simply does everything well.

–Floyd Mayweather was charged with assault again. At this point he’s assaulting everyone but Manny Pacquiao.

–For the love of Ray J! Kim Kardashian gets around. She’s now reportedly dating Nets forward Kris Humphries (of all people). He’s already singlehandedly exceeded the team’s win total from last season.

–Poor Willie Nelson was arrested for pot. Insert “That’s like…” joke here.

–The dumb comedy (which is an oxymoron, since you have to be smart to be funny) is my favorite film genre. Leslie Nielsen predates my generation a bit but I fondly remember the Naked Gun movies as some of the first comedies I enjoyed as a wee lad.

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2 Responses to “Leftovers”

  1. Dan says:

    i agree with you about Andrew johnsons punches, id like to see him get into a fight with legarrette blount, hes knocked about like 2 football players with a single shot. those werent even haymakers that legarrette blount threw, he throws legit boxing punches, not to mention hes a big dude

  2. Nick Riviera says:

    I feel the biggest leftover from the weekend is Brett Favre’s countless medical ailments. He has been inflicted with more injuries and ailments than C. Montgomery Burns. I am sick and tired of hearing how sick and old Brett Favre is. First, it was the flu this week, which was upgraded to pneumonia, and then on gameday, actual medical reports comfirmed it to be a sinus infection. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported, “Favre took a steroid pack, had an injection Saturday and missed the first hour of meetings because he couldn’t get out of bed.”
    Seriously? Favre took a pack of steroids? Favre has had more injections and pain killers than pharmacies stock on shelves. The only pill that Brett Favre has not popped is for erectile dysfunction. This just in. ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that Brett Favre has been diagnosed with leprosy. Wait, scratch that. It seems that the preliminary medical reports were based on the fact that nobody wanted to be associated with or be in the presence of Brett Favre, excluding Ed Werder, of course. Brett Favre’s medical concerns really put my mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome and an excruciating case of ice cream headache in perspective.

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