Humbled? (Update)

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*The obvious joke is that the Jets are making like the Metrodome roof, they’re collapsing. I’m not sure that’s true. The bottomline with the Jets is…they simply are not that good.

The only difference between yesterday’s game with the Dolphins (the worst game ever played) and the games against Cleveland, Detroit, Houston and Denver is that the Jets didn’t pull off a last minute win. At this point (it’s been two months since they’ve played well), the Jets have proven to be mediocre.

They have no pass rush. Their coach has finally been questioned a bit. The running game and whoever was wearing LaDainian Tomlinson’s uniform earlier this year have disappeared. And I’m still not sure Mark Sanchez will ever be good.

They will likely still make the playoffs. But that’s a formality. They’re finished.*

Last night was the second time in a week I’ve enjoyed a hearty laugh as a team was absolutely brutalized. Last week I couldn’t help but laugh as LeBron went into Cleveland, heard the boos and destroyed his former mates. Last night I had the same reaction seeing the tough talking New York Jets pulverized in Foxboro.

I’m fairly sure many people shared my sentiments. It’s not that I root against the Jets or anything, it’s just that when a team carries on like they do with a coach who acts like a pro wrestler, there’s something funny about seeing them embarrassed on national TV. And what made it even funnier was how Rex Ryan responded.

After the game he acted completely defensive and kept repeateding how he’d take them on again right away (I’m not sure why he’d want to do that). It sounded like some sort of insecure crutch. He coached a desperate game before the situation turned desperate and now will have to face the music.

He’ll be asked about the team’s 1-3 record against above .500 teams (they combined for just 12 points in the three losses), he’ll be asked if the narrow wins over mediocre competition were a mirage (the rest of their opponents are 28-65), he’ll be asked about Mark Sanchez’ poor completion percentage (below just Derek Anderson and Jimmy Clausen) and he’ll be asked how fans can expect his team to win upcoming games in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

The only way he can answer is to get his team to play like they want to back up what he said after the game. Because last night, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady basically tossed Rex Ryan into the corner and punched him in the face repeatedly as the crowd counted along to ten.

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  1. Rex Lackey says:

    “Their coach has finally been questioned a bit.” I take this as a severe indictment of Michael Kay, who questions Rex Ryan on a weekly basis. Based on that quote, your assessment of the questions that Michael Kay has asked do not meet the quality of standard that you had hoped for.

    You have lumped all the Jets media members, especially Rich Cimini, Larry Hardesty, and Greg Buttle, into the sycophant Rex Ryan bootlicking laugh track, but for you to include Michael Kay into the mix, clearly shows that you believe Michael Kay is just as susceptible to being a YES man that he already is.

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