LundCam–“Me and the Golden Squirrel”

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The heartwarming documentary on what I did over the holidays (last year).

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3 Responses to “LundCam–“Me and the Golden Squirrel””

  1. Jack Russell's Attorney says:

    On December 24, 2010, my client, the grievant, filed a motion for summary judgment with Commissioner Goodell’s office pertaining to the issue regarding the grievant’s contention that Mr. Robin Lundberg, the prude, violated the provisions in the Internet’s handbook by not following the standard consideration procedure in deciding whether a post on the Internet is appropriate or not.

    In lieu of evidence to the contrary, we implore the court to rule in favor of my client for the sole reason of ipse dixit, which is Latin for “he himself said it,” meaning the only proof we have of the fact is that the person said it. In regards to Rex Ryan, Mr. Lundberg stated that individuals who record personal experiences and post them on the internet should be prepared for others to see them and comment on them and thus if you don’t want others to see them, don’t record or post them on the internet. And while the video post of “Me and the Golden Squirrel” was not directly commented upon but instead used for parody purposes, the U.S. Supreme Court has previously ruled on similar matters and has deemed these similar cases to be within the law as long as reasonable people would not have interpreted the parody to contain factual claims.

    I have been informed by the Commissioner’s office that I should expect his ruling in a timely manner as soon as other pressing matters have been cleared from his docket.

    You just got gunslung.

  2. Jack Russell says:

    Robin Lundberg tweeted: “Rex Ryan says it is about him vs Belichick. The difference between Rex and Belichick? Belichick videotapes practices, Rex videotapes feet.”

    On December 23, 2010, Jack Russell left the following reply to this exact post, “Bill Belichick is a cheater and videotapes opponents’ practices. Rex Ryan loves his wife and videotapes her feet.” Mr. Lundberg felt the need to censor the quote because it went on to have some fun with the title of this piece. I guess the cheater label does not solely apply to Bill Belichick. Mr. Lundberg’s sensitivity towards having some fun at his expense did not prevent him from plagerizing. You will definitely be hearing from my attorney. Again.

  3. Jack Russell's Attorney says:

    I hereby present you with a cease and desist order. Your continued use of my client’s words without proper credit given to him is hereby put on notice. As compensation, my client will accept a volcano.

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