No Fun (Update)

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*Brett Favre is determined to go out on his sword. He is a more accomplished version of Mickey Rourke’s character from “The Wrestler”. He doesn’t know when to step off the stage. He knows no other way.*

This has to be it, right? He has to be done. It’s finally over. And I for one will really miss him.

After 297 consecutive starts (321 if you count the playoffs), Brett Favre did not suit up to play. Brett is often given excessive credit he may not deserve, this is not one of those instances. That number is incredible. I’ve seen Favre destroyed countless times by absolute monsters. Dude is a warrior. He’s just a warrior who’s time is past.

I’ve made fun (<--look, fun, Favre loves fun) of Favre more than anyone. That's a big part of the reason I'll miss him. He makes things more interesting. Some people love him (almost to a disturbing degree), some people legitimately can't stand him but I'd argue that everybody enjoyed watching him. Whether it was his underhanded flips, long bombs followed by giddy celebrations or mind boggling interceptions; it's nearly impossible to argue that the ol' gunslinger didn't add an extra element to each game in which he participated. The world is a better place for having Brett Favre in it. His body is likely to force him to make the decision his mind and heart would not allow him to. Brett Favre's Hall of Fame and absurdly entertaining career is over. (One last potshot for good finished on an interception yet again.) All Wranglers will be worn at half-mast today.

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  1. Dan says:

    i dont think his career is over just yet, it just seems that the end is in sight. i bet he could have played last night im just gessing he wants to conserve his body so he can extend his career 1 year or so

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