NFL–Week 16 Picks

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Two weeks left. I shall complete the season with a winning record (7-7 last week; 110-100-5 on the season)…

Carolina (+15) over Pittsburgh: Too many points. The Steelers don’t usually win overwhelmingly and they aren’t overwhelming without Troy Polamalu.

Dallas (-7) over Arizona: I suppose the Cowboys are playing well enough to take them against John Skelton.

Baltimore (-4) over Cleveland: I suspect this game will be decided by less than a touchdown. Hopefully it will also be decided by more than a field goal.

Detroit (+3.5) over Miami: I like Detroit’s D-Line against Chad Henne.

New England (-9) over Buffalo: Bill Belichick called out his team after the Packers game. That’s enough for me.

Chicago (-1) over New York Jets: Bears D against Jets O (with hurting Sanchez and Holmes) feels a like a little too much to overcome.

St. Louis (-2.5) over San Francisco: I hate the NFC West.

Kansas City (-5) over Tennessee: I don’t know.

Jacksonville (-7) over Washington: The Jaguars need this one. The Redskins need help.

Denver (+2.5) over Houston: The way the Texans play disgusts me.

Indianapolis (-3) over Oakland: Colts over Raiders seems logical.

San Diego (-7.5) over Cincinnati: I believe it is still December.

New York Giants (+3) over Green Bay: The Giants need this desperately, for the playoffs and for themselves. Plus, Aaron Rodgers has missed two weeks and loves being sacked.

Seattle (+6.5) over Tampa: I like the Bucs to win but they aren’t explosive enough to cover.

Philadelphia (-14) over Minnesota: Why not?

New Orleans (+2.5) over Atlanta: In the sport where desire plays the biggest role, the Saints need this more.

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2 Responses to “NFL–Week 16 Picks”

  1. dan says:

    well atlanta is playing for more respect in my opinion. the falcons are the most overlooked team this year in the nfl playoffs, im leaning toward picking them all the way to the super bowl, but the nfc is still wide open in my eyes

  2. Otto the Orange says:

    Please advise Ryan Ruocco that beginning with the 2004-2005 school year, the official nickname of Syracuse University was changed to the “Orange.”

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