True Grit

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Christmas entertainment boils down to two things: Basketball and movies (oh and the company of loved ones I suppose). On the basketball side, the Knicks continue to prove they are a real squad and the Miami Heat are proving that having a whole bunch of really good players on one team does in fact work. But this post is about a movie (at least that’s what the title says)…

There aren’t many filmmakers who get me to the theater regardless of the concept or actors involved. The only ones that do are Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers. I can’t say I truly disliked a movie either has made. Sure, there are some I like more than others and maybe some I border on disliking but I always leave feeling it was worth the experience. “True Grit” is no different. It is not action packed. It is not really dramatic. It is very tongue-in-cheek. It is darn interesting.

The Coen Brothers write, direct and edit all their movies, so obviously their style is ingrained in each. However, this one is carried by the performances. Jeff Bridges gives his second memorable showing in a Coen’s film as Rooster Cogburn, a rudderless marshall who has nothing and is defined and motivated solely by his, well uh, grit. All his traits are fleshed out as the plot progresses and his interplay with Matt Damon’s Texas Ranger LaBouef (another solid job by him) is certainly memorable.

The standout performance though is given by Hailee Steinfeld. She plays the central character, Mattie Ross, a young girl seeking justice for her father’s death. If there’s been a better turn from a child actress I can’t recall it. The story is completely driven by Ross. If that isn’t implemented correctly, the film fails. It does not. I don’t much follow up on Oscar hype or how the nomination process is determined but she certainly deserves a nod for best actress.

The Coen Brothers have a track record of hits in my book. “True Grit”, much like the Dude, abides.

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  1. lundberg's mom says:

    saw True Grit with my sons. good movie. Hailee Steinfeld is great. and who doesn’t love Jeff Bridges. Matt Damon is good too. worth a trip to the movies. my two cents. love you Robin. ps thanks for throwing us in as an afterthought

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