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I’m sure many of you are with me. My good friend Max Kellerman once dubbed this “National Mail It In Week” and he couldn’t have been more right. Last week people were getting ready for a break/vacation. This week they are on it. Heck, I’ve been working and can feel that vibe with everyone. Toss in two feet of snow and people’s minds are elsewhere.

As a result, I probably couldn’t help but cave in to the pressure. I feel like I’m on vacation even though I’m not (I did have my first four day weekend in four years last week and have a three day weekend coming up…that’s unprecedented). I did want to address something other than general lethargy though.

My self absorption has blinded me to the fact that most of you probably haven’t noticed and I could’ve avoided mentioning it altogether but there have been a few changes to the site. Because of my real job/career I’ve taken down some photos of lovely ladies and done my best to adhere to Mickey’s policies (selling out rules!). I’ll also have to discontinue some of the podcasts that I really enjoyed doing when I wasn’t sure where I was headed and that helped me focus my energies when I didn’t have as solid a professional outlet.

Louie and Coop remain my good friends and I’ll gladly send you any old podcasts upon request. As far as an update on the guys, Louie Gold is currently the proud father of two young daughters and working on NFL shows for Sirius and Jonathan Cooper has become a totally new human being since I first met him. Check out the insane picture below for proof.

And in case you aren’t aware (if so, what is wrong with you?), I do a daily radio show for 1050 ESPN New York with Ryan Ruocco as well as videos for ESPNNewYork.com. Please tell everyone on planet Earth about it (condescending, self-serving blog over).

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10 Responses to “Owned”

  1. Justin C says:

    Good stuff man! It’s funny how much can change in a year. Hope for more great things from you in the future. Though I’ll always miss the Louie podcast. It was the one of the few remaining remnants of The Show..

  2. Justin C says:

    Will Max be physically out in L.A. for his new show?

  3. lundberg's mom says:

    i will miss Louie and Coop’s podcasts also. lived for them. part of being owned by the mouse. watch the South Park that is referenced by the picture. can i write that or not. love you Robin. mom

  4. lundberg says:

    Yes to both.

  5. Name Required, mailing it in says:

    Wait a second. Let me get this straight. I could have sworn you were mailing it in every single day. How else can you explain where you play a different variation of which is better or which is worse every single show, twice a day at 5 A.M. and 10 A.M.? Buy or sell, versus, asbestos or asbestos-free, right or wrong, and so on and so on. Do you actually have a hat where you pull out which game you play prior to each show?

  6. Philip Stevens says:

    Buy or sell? Do you buy Lundberg’s argument that he has gone legitimate because of pressure from the higher-ups at ESPN or do you believe he has sold out in advance in order to look more professional and sophisticated because he finally came to the realization that while a condescending, self-serving blog (Lundberg’s words, not mine) is as much fun and self-serving as fantasizing about Minnie Mouse, jobs handed out at ESPN should not be blown by extracurricular activities?

  7. Philip Stevens says:

    Rex you, Robin Lundberg, you rexing rexer. Editing my comment to make it sound more corporate. I will rex you up. I will be at the Knicks game tonight and I will tweet my location at the game and it will only say, “Right behind you.” In tribute to Rex Ryan, my fist is personally going to meet your face.

  8. Dick Butkus says:

    You “have taken down some photos of lovely ladies” and then proceeded to put up a photo of an adult man with his pants off. I’m from Chicago and yes, I am both a bear and cub fan, so keep those photos coming.

  9. D. Cease says:

    Excellent eulogy, Lundberg, for Louie Gold and Jonathan Cooper. They will sorely be missed.

  10. Joe Benigno, laughing at 10 A.M. since November 2004, says:

    Can you clarify why ESPN requested that you discontinue the podcasts? Did they find the subject matter discussed objectionable or did they find Louie Gold and Jonathan Cooper to be unsavory characters? Also, the 5 A.M. and 10 A.M. slot on 1050 ESPN Radio is “as solid a professional outlet” as a revolving door. Just ask Bob Galerstein, Max Kellerman, Brian Kenny, Seth Everett, Brandon Tierney, and Colin Cowherd.

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