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I now take a break from incessant Carmelo Anthony talk, coverage and information gathering to bring people this message: Stop hating on the dunk contest. Because if you didn’t like this year’s contest, that’s what you’re doing, hating.

‘But we’ve seen it all before!’ Incorrect. I saw a handful of dunks that were completely unique. ‘But guys miss on their first attempt!’ Well, that’s because they’re attempting such absurdly impossible feats in order to satisfy the first complaint. Of course it has more impact when completed on the first try, that’s why DeMar Derozan’s second dunk may have been the best of the contest (that and the impossible athleticism displayed within), however, missing on the first couple tries does not take away from completing such phenomenal finishes.

I mean, there was a dunk from behind the free throw line, a dunk on two baskets, a dunk with three balls, a reverse windmill and a Vince Carter elbow dunk off a lob. Out of twelve dunks, all were impressive and some were spectacular. The worst dunk was over a car.

I didn’t think Blake Griffin should’ve won but that’s not important (and he’s like Hanzel…so damn hot right now). At the risk of sounding corny (virtual certainty), anyone who watched that won. The dunk contest is like anything else, some years are better than others and it’s only as good as the participants. But if you didn’t like this one, you simply do not like slam dunks.

I do.

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2 Responses to “RiDunkulous”

  1. Sue Donim says:

    Yo son, that ish was like Beyonce on Oscar night.

  2. savejonbenny says:

    i agree, and those judges need to stop hatin. ibaka gettin 2 45s was insane. the slam dunk contest was great, i just wish they had an edited version of it on tv that gets rid of the dunk misses so that they wouldn’t give away what they’re gonna do.
    i actually like the fact that there aren’t too many stars in the contest, blake won off of name and rep alone, but most of the heads out there’ll tell you that mcgee or derozan should’ve won.
    can mcgee’s mom dunk, she’s a skyscraper homie.

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