Knicks Go Sheen

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“I am on a drug…it’s called Charlie Sheen! If you try it, your face will melt off.”
–Charlie Sheen

Knicks fans must feel like they are on Charlie Sheen. It must be difficult to put into words how good it feels. After ten years of laughingstock status, they’re relevant and more than that, they have a chance to be very, very good.

I’m not going to totally overstate the importance of one win over the Heat (who have major problems executing in the half-court, a big reason for their record against good teams). New York did lose to the Cavs on Friday, however, there were positive things out there on the court that were impossible to ignore. Chief amongst those is that this new Knicks roster is equipped to play playoff style ball. They now have the ability to score when the game is slowed down and unless my eyes were deceiving me, they have the ability to play defense as well.

Chauncey Billups has become like a player-coach and perhaps the defensive coordinator Mike D’Antoni has always refused to hire, Amar’e Stoudemire’s flashes of being an intimidating defender are coming more often and I’m certain Carmelo Anthony has heard the knocks about that particular aspect of his game. While they may not have the personnel to address their biggest weakness, defensive rebounding, I don’t believe commitment to that side of the ball will be a problem.

Winning this type of game may be one small step for this Knicks team but it’s one giant leap for Knicks fans. Charlie Sheen for everyone!

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2 Responses to “Knicks Go Sheen”

  1. Dan says:

    ehh idk even with the inability to execute in the half-court the heat still could and perhaps should have won that game. As much as i like Labron James as a basketball player he needs to stop trying to hit the game winning 3 and consistently attack the basketball in the final seconds, or swallow his pride and pass the ball off to Dwade or someone else. The Heat need to learn how to close out games

  2. Lundberg's brother says:

    It’s a good thing I don’t come to this site for its well reasoned analysis because this post sets a new low. So because of one great defensive performance, defense is no longer a worry for the Knicks. I guess that is why you conveniently neglected to mention that the Bucks scored 108 points and the Cavs 115 points in consecutive games against the new look Knicks. Care to guess which two teams are ranked 29th and 30th in offensive efficiency this season? Those same Cavs and Bucks. So clearly we can erase defense as a possible achilles heel for the Knicks.

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