Lockout Madness

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The NFL lockout sure has ruined my March. Now I’m stuck filling out a bracket. Oh, wait…

Well then, surely the lockout will ruin my football watching in April? There’s no football in April you say. How about May? Nope. Certainly June? Uh uh. July? You’ve figured it out by now. I could even go one more month if I really wanted to push it.

And that’s why I have a difficult time feigning outrage regarding the NFL lockout and the union’s decertification. Until it impacts the NFL season, I really don’t care that much. I’m not sure how the process going to the courts changes things either. From what I’ve read, that could conceivably make it more likely the season isn’t altered. At least the court will make some sort of decision. It may get messier now but nothing was going to be accomplished putting the NFL and NFLPA in the same room pushing their politics anyhow.

In the end, I’m rooting for the players to get the best deal possible. Because if it comes down to a staring contest, the owners will win. They have more capital. I’m rooting for the players that is, until the season is jeopardized. Then I’m simply rooting for a deal of any kind. And I don’t think I’m alone in these feelings.

Until then, I’ll continue to gloss over the rhetoric spewed by the figureheads and will simply go back to filling out my bracket. That’s what I was going to do in March anyway.

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  1. Rick Reed says:

    All this talk about the NFL Draft has really pumped me up for my fantasy football league. I know it is really early but I believe there are two underrated players that I plan on targeting in the first two rounds, Scabby McGee and Ed “Too Slow” Jones.

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