Zombie Day

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st pats
*I wrote this last year but my thoughts remain the same.*

I hope to make it through the day without getting infected. It will be tough. It’s a jungle out there and it’s only 10:30 in the morning. I just went to get breakfast and was promptly pursued by a mob of slow-moving, shamrock-laden zombies.

St. Patrick’s Day has always reminded me of a zombie movie. The streets are filled with people. And those people mumble (usually the word “cheers”), stumble and occasionally try to bite me. The good thing is that they are not fleet of foot. They are generally slow and plodding, therefore I am able to avoid them with some swift maneuvers.

It really isn’t so bad because their temperament is usually very jolly. As long as I can make it through today without being bitten or hit with any vomit-shrapnel, I’ll be good.

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One Response to “Zombie Day”

  1. Jay McZee says:

    They broke into our Dublin home,
    The dirty English dogs,
    They took away my sister,
    And they beat my dad with logs.


    Limey scum, Limey scum!
    I toss a bomb and still they come…

    Along the ring of Kerry you can hear the bleat of gulls,
    I’ll sip the blood of the English from their bleached and hollowed skulls.


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