Truly Great One

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Say what you will about the “Tooth Fairy”, “Race to Witch Mountain” and “The Game Plan” but whatever you say, do not say that The Rock is not the man. Because when it comes to a man with a microphone controlling a crowd, I’m not sure anyone on the planet is better than that guy.

This morning at work, we all gathered around the computer to watch YouTube clips of the Rock from WWE Raw. I’m pro-pro wrestling (if you follow me, you know I love making wrestling references), however I haven’t followed it regularly in years. The Rock’s return was enough to get me and others to tune in (searching clips on the internet counts as tuning in right?). It brought me back to my high school days when at Monday’s soccer or basketball practice I would be eagerly anticipating the night’s wrestling action. And on Tuesday, the events of the previous night would be the sole subject of conversation thanks to the exploits of Stone Cold, Mankind and of course, “The Great One”.

And great he is. The dude can literally stand in front of a capacity crowd, say nothing and have them in the palm of his hand. Then, when he does decide to utter a clever insult or one of his should be tired catch phrases (somehow they still work, I know I finish them myself while watching), they go into a frenzy. On cue. It’s incredible.

Seeing The Rock back in the squared circle may be enough to get me to order WrestleMania (and catching an episode of Raw confirms that the wrestling music interruption is the greatest thing in life).

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  1. Hey, man. Make some comedy comments like you do for sports on twitter, but for wrestling too. We all know that you’re a fan but it seems like you dont ever mention it on twitter. Dont be ashamed.

    Rock > Cena, even though Cena will be booked to win in the end.

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