NBA–First Round Picks

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Last year, Lakers-Celtics drew more attention than the NBA Finals has in a long time. Then it was followed by the Summer of LeBron. We’ve now come full circle. The Heat completed their first season. Carmelo is a Knick. The Bulls surprised and will boast the MVP. And the Lakers are looking to three-peat. Yep, the playoffs are gonna be awesome. (I won’t mention the possible lockout. Ruining good things is par for the course nowadays.) On to the first round picks…


Los Angeles over New Orleans in four: I am dumbfounded the Hornets are in the playoffs. They stink. It says a lot about Chris Paul, even though I think he’s been playing more like a vet than a youngster with his balky knee, that they are. New Orleans simply doesn’t have the talent to hang with Kobe and company.

Spurs over Grizzlies in six: Memphis will make this tough on San Antonio. They have good size (Gasol and Randolph) which is a weakness of the Spurs and their perimeter defense is nasty, led by Tony Allen and Shane Battier. However, the Spurs did win 61 games.

Oklahoma City over Denver in five: I like the Nuggets but this is a bad matchup for them. Their athleticism does not give them an advantage over the Thunder like it does most teams and OKC has two closers while they have none.

Portland over Dallas in seven: The Blazers are well coached and their roster boasts LaMarcus Aldridge, Gerald Wallace and Nicolas Batum. That means they’re equipped to handle Dirk Nowitzki, who basically is the Mavs. Dallas is headed for another early exit.


Chicago over Indiana in four: There is nothing about the regular season that would have one believe the Bulls won’t win the title. They are at the top in defense and rebounding, beat every team in the league and manhandled the top teams. I’m hesitant to pick them though because I don’t know if they have another gear, a real shooting guard or enough firepower. They won’t need those things against the Pacers.

Orlando over Atlanta in five: The Hawks actually match up well with the Magic. Jason Collins, otherwise worthless, gives them a legitimate body against Dwight Howard. Still, I find nothing about Atlanta inspiring, including their effort. Stan Van Gundy and his sports coat and turtle necks move on.

Miami over Philadelphia in four: I do believe LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have another gear and they can beat the Sixers on cruise control. Andre Iguodala may be the best perimeter defender in the league, yet he still can’t handle LeBron. And they have absolutely no answer for Wade.

Boston over New York in six: Chauncey Billups, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have only played 18 games together. The Celtics are battle tested. Plus, they obviously have the edge defensively. Still, the Knicks do trot out the aforementioned players and that will give them a chance in every game and when Mike D’Antoni’s team is hitting its threes, they are unstoppable. This is clearly the most interesting series and I don’t think it’ll disappoint. It will likely end in disappointment for New York.

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  1. Grant Long says:

    “The Heat completed their first season.”

    The Miami Heat completed their first season in 1989 (1988-1989). I am pretty sure that John Calipari had no association with the Miami Heat organization that would lead to their first 22 years in existence from being vacated.

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