Franchise Players?

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We all love the idea of the great team overcoming individual talent. There are probably movies about it (I didn’t feel like thinking of an example). However, there’s a reason the preferred narrative isn’t usually the end result and there’s a reason we are fixated on the stars in the NBA…history says so.

Nearly every NBA champion had at least one mega star (most have had two or three). The exception that proves this rule is the 2004 Pistons. Those guys won behind exceptional balance and defense. And it’s not like they didn’t basically start five guys at an All Star level or better.

This year’s Denver Nuggets are a great story. They also play a fun style of basketball, ‘the right way’ as some would call it. Yet, they have no shot of making noise going forward in the playoffs (I’m not just typing this b/c they are down 2-0 to OKC…well, that is the reason I’m writing it now but I knew it before). They have no shot because they don’t have the player who creates his own shot. They don’t have their best player. Championship teams don’t boast Nene and Kenyon Martin as their most recognizable stars.

Basketball is a bit of a paradox. It’s the sport where both individual players and team chemistry have the greatest impact. In order to win, you need both. Just playing hard and together is not enough. Don’t blame me, it’s science.

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