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–It’s a shame we didn’t get to see the Knicks play the Celtics at full strength. I still believe Boston would’ve won because they would’ve out-executed and outcoached New York down the stretch but it would’ve been a long, compelling series rather than an anticlimactic sweep.

Game one was the best example and even then Chauncey Billups went down in the final minute. The series was over the second that happened. It was only exacerbated when Amar’e Stoudemire’s back transformed him into Bo Outlaw. Carmelo Anthony and the scrub brigade wasn’t a playoff worthy team and they would’ve been smoked by the likes of the Pacers and 76ers much less the Boston Celtics.

For Boston, I believe the winner of their inevitable series with the Heat will win the title. Especially now that going against Toney Douglas and the Knicks defense has fixed whatever was wrong with Rajon Rondo.

For New York, the future is bright because the core is there. The question now…is Mike D’Antoni the man to lead them toward said bright future? Because of the tumultuous roster he’s had and the bad timing with injuries, it’s unfair to fire him. But does that make it the wrong move? Is he the guy you believe will eventually lead you to a championship? Finger gun to head, I say no.

–Chris Paul is cold as ice. When healthy, he’s in my top five and far and away the best point guard in the league. I’d take him over Derrick Rose and Deron Williams without thinking about it (with a clean knee slate of course). The New Orleans Hornets have no business being tied with the Lakers. That’s all CP3.

–Derrick Rose is the most athletic point guard of all time. And he seems to have the ability to carry his team on his shoulders at the right moments. However, he’s going to have to shoot the ball better and take better shots (while getting his teammates involved) if the Bulls are going to be the threat their number one seed indicates they should be.

–At some point the Heat are going to make a last second shot, right? Well, they’ve made one. LeBron is 1-6 in the last five seconds to win or tie (Wade is 0-5). In fairness, Kevin Durant is 1-10 in the same situation. So, it’s oversimplifying things to put so much stock in those five seconds. The bigger deal is their slow starts and their lack of overall team production. But that’s not how the narrative is written and LeBron’s season (and reputation) will be defined by a handful of seconds if they/he don’t get it together.

–The Thunder are a legit title threat.

–The Grizz have a legit chance to beat the Spurs. In fact, I think they will.

–Nice to see a retro Brandon Roy performance. Clap for him.

–The next big non-lockout, non on the court NBA story will be the future destination of Dwight Howard. I see no basketball reason he would stay in Orlando. They don’t have the supporting cast around him and don’t have the resources to get one (Gilbert Arenas’ contract is the opposite of a resource). They may be wise to move him while they can get the most return.

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