Reasons to Live

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Maybe I’m crazy but sometimes I get so excited about things that I list them as reasons to live. As in, I can’t die until said thing takes place. It’s not like I’m ready to put on a Sarah McLachlan song, slip into a warm bath and contemplate whether I want to end it all otherwise, however, there are events that give me the exact opposite feeling; which I suppose would be skipping through a field of dandelions whistling showtunes or something.

The most immediate example of this is the upcoming Miami Heat-Boston Celtics series. I’ve been waiting for that since the Heatles were formed. Can LeBron and Wade do together what they couldn’t individually? We will find out soon enough. Then there is the subsequent Eastern and Western Conference Finals and perhaps a Celtics-Lakers Finals rematch, the emergence of Derrick Rose and the Bulls and Kevin Durant and the Thunder or finally a LeBron vs. Kobe showdown. Other small examples include the season premieres of “South Park” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the upcoming release of the Jay-Z and Kanye album “Watch the Throne”.

But the big one, of course, is “Avengers”. Yesterday the first set photo was released and in a nice touch, Marvel put the character names on the chairs rather than the names of the actors. Obviously not much has come out about the details of the film other than the fact that Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk will all be in it (good enough for me). Though I do have it on extremely good authority that Hulk has an unbelievably heroic moment and that he does indeed throw down with Thor.

The Mayan calendar better not be right because I cannot die before that movie comes out.

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3 Responses to “Reasons to Live”

  1. James Burulcich says:

    Don’t worry Lundberg! Mayan’s predict December 21st, 2012…Avengers is set to release May 4th, 2012…we’ll get the Avengers, Last Bale Batman, a new Superman AND a Knicks Championship before the big day! Well…3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

  2. Leonard Shelby says:

    “Can LeBron and Wade do together what they couldn’t individually? We will find out soon enough.”

    Lundberg, do you suffer from selective amnesia? We found out Wade could win a NBA Championship individually in 2006. Is that soon enough for you? Can you please stop lumping them together? The Miami Heat organization existed before LeBron James came to Miami.

  3. Dan says:

    you cant forget we also get to see the Thor, captain American, x-men first class movies before the end of days

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