Huge Lunch

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LeBron James likened beating the Philadelphia 76ers to finishing breakfast. Insulting sure but clearly a nod to a Jay-Z lyric from “PSA”, meaning one has to take care of the task at hand before moving on to bigger obstacles. Well, if Philly was breakfast, Boston is one heck of a lunch, a feast even.

The Boston Celtics already are and always will be tied into LeBron’s legacy. You could even argue they are the impetus for the formation of the current Miami Heat. Clearly LeBron realized he was never going to get past them with his Cavs squad. But they will also help determine what direction his legacy heads from here. Will the Celtics be like the Pistons were for Michael Jordan, the team he eventually had to hurdle in order to finally hoist the trophy or will they be the team that continually knocks him down a peg and keeps him in the ringless club along with other greats like Charles Barkley and Karl Malone?

The Celtics have a legacy at stake here too. This group will be remembered as a great team. They’ve already won a title and were within a few minutes of another. Still, if they can dispatch the Heatles and somehow snare another championship, the names Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo will mean more than they already do; both individually and collectively.

The C’s have successfully suffocated individual players like LeBron and Kobe Bryant. They may be able to do the same to the LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh trio. If the other, much more not good members of the Heat can’t hit shots from the outside, they will. But it is up to LeBron and Wade to make sure they don’t. Both guys were eliminated by this same team (minus Kendrick Perkins of course) last year with LeBron suffering the lowest moment of his basketball career in the infamous game five. They should’ve seen enough of them by now to know how to attack their defense. Unless the Celtics D is simply Tyson-like and impregnable.

Either way, legacies will be shaped and careers partially defined by this 2nd round series, the biggest one I can remember. I suppose I’ll take Miami in seven but I’m not sure I believe it.

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  1. Genis Vell says:

    “Either way, legacies will be shaped and careers partially defined by this 2nd round series, …”

    Dwyane Wade’s legacy has already been shaped and cemented with bringing the first ever NBA championship to Miami in 2006. If LeBron James contributes by assisting Dwyane Wade win a second NBA championship, then LeBron James will be similar to Roger Clemens helping the Yankees win a World Series in 1999 and 2000, just another passenger along for the ride.

    Either way, when questions are posed to LeBron and Wade during this NBA playoffs about winning a NBA championship, Wade can proudly state, “Been there, done that.” LeBron James can’t.

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