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The Miami Heat failed. LeBron James failed. There are no excuses when you have two franchise players and another star on the same team. There are no excuses for failing to make your mark on the NBA Finals.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t explanations. The Mavericks won the title more than the Heat lost it. Whatever “IT” is, which is impossible to quantify, Dallas had “IT” this year. They also were the only team in the league good enough to beat the Heat because they used Miami’s strengths against them.

They had a suffocating defense scrambling by using its over aggressiveness to their advantage. And they made them pay by hitting shots; lots of ’em. Then on the defensive end, Rick Carlisle employed a zone defense (which they ran more than any other team in the league). The zone discombobulated LeBron so much it caused rumors about his personal life. Dallas was simply, cliche as it may be, the better team. There’s a reason LeBron looked unclutch against the Mavs and not the Bulls or Celtics.

They exposed his and his team’s flaws (there are other people on the team, including Dwyane Wade). As much as LeBron and Wade got better together over the course of the season, neither is comfortable without the ball and neither is a catch and shoot guy. LeBron’s passivity may have been a result of giving up the rock and going to Wade who had the matchup advantage. They were taking turns against a team that shared. They are a work in progress. One could argue both on the court and off. LeBron deferred to Wade too much off it (seemingly looking for approval in press conferences), got yelled at by him on it and then deferred to everyone, failing to attack the hoop IN THE NBA FINALS! They make their teammates better but they need to learn to make each other better.

The Heat and LeBron failed. But their story is not yet complete. They are not failures yet. Remember when Dirk Nowitzki was considered a soft choker? Now he and his team are celebrating a well deserved championship.

(Oh, for those who enjoy reading this sentence…I was wrong. LeBron shrunk in the moment, whatever the reason. And I do think his psyche played into it, just not as much as the Dallas Mavericks did.)

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2 Responses to “LeDone”

  1. Dan says:

    Jason kidd went from beating the crap out of his wife to beating the crap out of the miami heat

  2. jason says:

    i start to think, he was talk about wining 7 straight east conference champion and not 7 straight NBA tittles.

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