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I’m watching the 2003 draft on NBA TV. Darko just went number two ahead of Carmelo, Wade and Bosh. I like his upside.

What’s sadder than picking Darko before future Hall of Famers? How about the fact that I’m watching the 2003 NBA Draft. But that’s what this time year will do to me. (I suppose I could flip over to the U.S. Open but I’m pretty sure that’s a golf event.) The moral of this story is, Summer is great, for everything but sports.

Some might argue I’m forgetting about baseball. I am not. Say whatever you’d like about its entertainment value; one thing you cannot say is that individual games are of tremendous consequence. In fact, baseball is as tied into the weather and season as any sport. Going to the ballpark on a nice day is appealing. Still, in most cases you’re going more for the experience than the event.

I’m not wishing away the Summer. I like beaches. But Fall is when everything starts again for the sports world.

(I’m assuming the lockouts will be ended/averted. The NBA is doing too well right now and NFL players can’t afford to miss games. Guys have bills. And Antonio Cromartie has child support payments to make. Remember, I can name the entire Wu-Tang Clan faster than he can recite his kids’ names.)

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3 Responses to “Withdrawal”

  1. Meadow Flushing says:

    I am pretty sure that the U.S. Open is a tennis event.

  2. Ognjeslav Kostović Stepanović says:

    In the picture above, Darko is showing how many more NBA Championship rings he has more than LeBron. Miličić is the youngest player in NBA history to win the NBA Championship.

  3. Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss says:

    82 game regular season to narrow the field from 30 to 16 teams. Individual regular season NBA games have even less importance.

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