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When John Lennon wrote “Imagine”, he had a positive message in mind. What I’m currently imagining is much bleaker. A Fall and Winter without the NFL and NBA.

Imagine no fantasy football drafts this August. Imagine no games come Sunday in September. And then imagine that continues through Halloween and the NBA season doesn’t even start. I’m not sure what I’d do with myself. I hope I wouldn’t turn to crime (shout out to Ray Lewis).

The NFL lockout is now more than 100 days old. I never thought I’d care as long as games weren’t affected but it’s starting to irritate me that they haven’t gotten a deal done yet. After all, the NFL is a booming, profitable league (It’s kind of the biggest thing in our country). And they are trying to change things according to their prognostications, not the present. It feels so unnecessary.

The NBA has a more serious situation at hand. The league is not nearly as profitable as it should be. In fact, it is the opposite of profitable. The system needs to be fixed. However, it needs to be fixed without alienating fans. I think this would be a good idea considering they are coming off the highest rated season in the history of the sport.

Imagine if the lockouts don’t get fixed. Personally, I’d rather not use my imagination. And my logical side says these guys can’t be so stubborn as to mess with such good things. (Plus, I’m an optimist.)

Besides, lockout talk is incredibly boring.

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2 Responses to “Imagine”

  1. I hope this ends.

    Basketball or Football? Basketball is my favorite sport, but I dont think I cane live w/o football. My Mavs won, so I’m good for at least 10 years. lol. My Jets need to get one though.

  2. Don says:

    A Fall without the NFL would be rough but at least CFB is a reasonable facsimile. I can’t even begin to imagine a February where the best option on a Wed night is Clemson at Duke.

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