Captain America Review

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If you know me, by now you know I get excited whenever I sit in a movie theater and the Marvel banner scrolls across the screen. However, with “Captain America: The First Avenger”, this moment was ruined. Why? Children.

This is because a group of about 12 kids (campers or something…I’ll just refer to them as punks) sat directly in front of me and my family. They proceeded not to shut up. They weren’t mean spirited or anything but I still wanted to bash them with Captain America’s shield. I would’ve preferred to sit next to the Red Skull.

Yet, like a true Avenger, I tried not to let this ruin my experience. Captain America is not the best Marvel film but much like the previous Marvel Studio efforts, it is a fun and fitting introduction to the character, keeping true to the spirit of its source material. Scrawny Cap’s futile attempts to enlist in the armed forces are illustrated well, as is his transformation, purposely corny over the top propaganda and forays into battle against Hydra and the aforementioned Red Skull.

Plus, Chris Evans simply looks the part. His shield is perfect and the references to the previously established Marvel film continuity are plentiful. The World War II era scenery also acts as an additional character giving the movie the look and feel it needs. So while “Captain America” didn’t leave me as excited as Marvel’s best flicks, it did its duty in getting me even more hyped to see “Avengers” (make sure you stay after the credits).

I’m already assembled.

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  1. Dan says:

    yea wasn’t nearly as good as thor (or batman begins or iron man 1) but i though it was a good movie, with giving anything away i totally wasn’t expecting what they showed after the credits. I need to see it again ha

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