Self-fulfilling Prophecy

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After he signed a new contract with the Jets, Santonio Holmes tweeted out a picture of himself chugging from a bottle of Cristal. I said it wasn’t a great idea because of his past off-the-field issues. I thought my statement was proven correct when the picture appeared on the front page of the “New York Post”.

However, soon after, Santonio declared that he and his family were excited he wound up in the paper. If he didn’t care how he was perceived, why should I? No harm was done by it. He did nothing wrong.

It’s an example that has caused me to chuckle at other similar and more recent instances. As a member of the media, I get excited when someone says or does something that provides a talking point. I’d imagine most of my brethren feel the same way. (Most of them would probably scoff at someone of my stature referring to them as my brethren first.) Yet, out the other side of the mouth, many condemn athletes for exactly that, call it a mistake and outline how they should’ve handled it. Oftentimes they are outraged while doing so.

Eli Manning said he belongs in the same class as Tom Brady and many clamored that he should’ve held his tongue or evaded the question. Why? So he can appear more boring than he already does? That was just about the most interesting thing he’s ever uttered. And if he believes it, more power to him.

Michael Vick opened up to “GQ”, including about how the general public seemed ignorant regarding the prevalence of the disturbing activity he is now notorious for, amongst other things. He could’ve told them anything about that topic or any other where he could possibly come off in a negative light were off limits. He didn’t and if you read the full article (where he reiterates his wrongdoing), he comes out looking like a fully developed person, not a PR robot.

The media frequently warns athletes against saying or doing the same things it is constantly trying to uncover. Then scolds them as soon as they do. Even if said athlete has done nothing wrong. Even if he’s simply speaking his mind.

Begging for guys to be interesting and proceeding to crush them as soon as they are? That seems just as dumb as anything any athlete has ever said.

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