Weather, Man!

by - August 26, 2011 - - Comment Now »

I hate relying on the weatherman. There’s no accountability with those guys. They can be wrong with no repercussions. It’s not right. I’ve actually seen them say 100% chance of rain and it didn’t rain (at least say 90% to give yourself some leeway). I’ve canceled exciting plans because of them.

With that said, I still went to the store to stock up for Hurricane Irene. I imagine it will just be a really strong thunderstorm with heavy winds. However, just in case it’s the realization of the Mayan Calendar, I wanted to be prepared. I’m listening to the weatherman. I know these type of things are good for ratings but they sound serious this time. Even President Obama is involved.

In all seriousness, I recommend everyone be prepared and do their best to stay safe (I was told not to stand by windows…scary). And I hope the storm passes without any major damage to anyone or anything.

(We’ll know it’s all good when the local newscast has some guy standing outside reporting on the conditions.)


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