Tha Carter IV Review

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When I told someone I wasn’t really feeling Lil’ Wayne’s latest release, “Tha Carter IV”, they asked if it was because he dissed Jay-Z. Obviously I’m a huge Hov stan, however, that’s a ridiculous reason not to like something. (For the record, I, like everyone else, think “Illmatic” is an unbelievable record, despite the Jay-Nas feud.) The reason I don’t really like the fourth version of Weezy’s Carter series is because it is decidedly mediocre.

Admittedly, I run hot and cold on Wayne. Sometimes he’s a beast, sometimes he sounds like a drunk frog. (I also find him difficult to look at but that’s neither here nor there since many ladies seem to love him.) With that said, I enjoy most of his catalogue. Approximately 40 of his songs have made the trip from my computer to my phone.

At his best, Wayne’s music ranges from interesting to exciting. This release is neither. It’s kind of just there. Not bad necessarily but nothing jumps out and grabs me either (excluding some of the horrific punchlines…dude actually said “Have it your way, Burger King”). And I don’t even hate his take at being John Mayer on the mildly infectious “How to Love”. There are some songs worth checking out here but many have been released already including the Drake assisted “She Will”, which may be the best song on the record but is a little misogynistic even for my tastes.

Wayne often reminds us that he goes by Weezy F. Baby. With “Tha Carter IV”, the F stands for forgettable.

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