Quarterback Convention

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I keep hearing that Tim Tebow is a great football player. I also keep hearing the Jets made a terrible mistake in acquiring him. Those two sentences don’t make sense consecutively.

If the Jets acquired Tebow to steal attention from the Giants, it’s a mistake. But if they picked him up to properly utilize him, it could work. Their offensive coordinator ran a successful wildcat formation in Miami with Ronnie Brown. Maybe Tebow doesn’t throw like an elite quarterback, however, he certainly passes better than a typical running back.

And now all the sudden everybody is worried about Mark Sanchez’ psyche? There were people who wanted to wake Mark Brunell up from a nap to put him in the game over Sanchize last year. Wasn’t it going to be worse this year no matter who was behind him? It’s up to Sanchez to bury that talk, not the organization. Play well and it goes away.

Plus, who says that Sanchez has to be the starter and Tebow the backup? Ideally the Jets defy convention. There’s no rule that says you can’t play two quarterbacks. Why not a wildcat-esque package for Tebow and a more traditional package for Sanchez? And God forbid (couldn’t leave God out of a Tebow piece) installing sets that utilize both. There’s no team in a better position to do so. Tebow has his limitations as a passer and Sanchez doesn’t have the gravitas to complain.

Going by the book all the time is silly to me. In baseball guys are dubbed closers and as a result, teams sometimes don’t utilize their best relief pitcher when he’s needed because it isn’t his proper time to come into the game. Lunacy. The same thing would hold true for naming Sanchez first string and Tebow second string simply due to convention.

Tebow’s an unconventional player. Use him that way. And if he does prove to be the better option at quarterback, what do the Jets have to lose? (Other than Mark Sanchez’ confidence?)

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